Front Loaders 


A lightweight refuse collection vehicle package with heavy-duty performance.

The Half/Pack front loader has consistently delivered proven performance in some of the most demanding environments imaginable, earning a loyal following of users who rely on its unmatched dependability and appreciate its lower total cost of ownership.

Heil continues to set the standard for front loaders with the evolution of innovative new features that enhance functionality. Our patented Shur-Lock™ tailgate locks, double-walled and lapped hopper sides, and an industry-leading interlaced ladder subfloor foundation mean that your Half/Pack front loader is built for a long, reliable lifespan.

But Heil is not simply known for engineering and manufacturing outstanding refuse collection vehicles. We back all Heil trucks with a worldwide network of knowledgeable dealers and service centers, as well as the industry’s first dedicated manufacturer-based training facility and mobile training centers, to help you keep your equipment operating at its peak. Add to that Heil’s century-old heritage of commitment to customer satisfaction, and you can feel certain that, when you choose a Half/Pack, you are getting the most productive, durable, safe, and easy to maintain front loader available.

Some Additional Product Features:
•Consistent, proven performance
•Patented Shur-Lock™ tailgate Locks
•Double-walled, lapped hopper sides
•Industry-leading interlaced ladder subfloor
•Available in 22, 23, 28, and 32 cubic yard models
•12 cubic yard hopper capacity
•Arm lifting capacity of 8,000 lbs.

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Half/Pack® FreedomHalf/Pack® Freedom

The most popular front loader is now even lighter.

As customers demand larger legal payloads without jeopardizing durability and dependability, Heil engineers have done it again. By using the field-proven lightweight Half/Pack Sierra as the base, and substituting alternative materials such as aluminum and composites for the ancillary body components, Heil’s Half/Pack Freedom is the lightest, most durable front loader ever.

It is an ideal refuse collection vehicle for areas with stringent weight restrictions and for haulers who want to transport the largest legal payload without the worry of incurring overweight citations. The Half/Pack Freedom weighs only 15,000 pounds, which is 25% lighter than a standard Half/Pack and 1,700 pounds lighter than the lightweight Half/Pack Sierra. The Freedom can carry 11+ tons of legal payload in its 28 cubic yard body – the largest legal payload – and features a 12 cubic yard hopper and an arm lifting capacity of 8,000 pounds.

To ensure the Half/Pack Freedom front loader maintains its long-term durability, we have added an innovative load-control system to the unit called Heil’s Optimal Payload System™ or HOPS™. HOPS uses axle scales, accurate to within 2%, to determine the vehicle’s gross weight. When a driver is on route collecting containers and the gross vehicle weight nears the maximum legal weight (or a preset allowable weight), this exclusive, patent-pending system warns the operator with audio and visual signals inside the cab. Once the HOPS warning signals occur, the driver can continue collecting containers only until the gross vehicle weight reaches the maximum allowable weight. Then, HOPS prevents the operator from collecting any additional containers. Using HOPS, the driver always knows the weight of his refuse collection truck without the worry of exceeding the specified maximum allowable weight.

By adding the Half/Pack Freedom front loader to your fleet, you can not only eliminate overweight fines, but also improve fuel efficiency by up to six percent and reduce tire wear by up to seven percent. In addition, the lighter vehicle weight combined with properly sized payloads can extend the life of the Half/Pack Freedom by up to four years over standard estimates.

Some Additional Product Features:
•Carry 11+ tons of legal payload — the largest legal payload
•Body weighs 1700 lbs. less than the Heil Half/Pack® Sierra
•Exclusive, patent-pending Heil's Optimal Payload System™ (HOPS™) warns the operator when the gross vehicle weight nears the maximum legal weight
•28 cubic yard model body with 12 cubic yard hopper
•Arm lifting capacity of 8,000 lbs.
•Less than 15,000 lbs. overall body weight

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Rear Loaders 

DuraPack® 5000

The unrivaled workhorse of the industry.

With over 20,000 built and nearly 30 years of reliability, Heil’s DuraPack 5000 high-compaction refuse vehicle has become the mainstay of garbage collection fleets, from small independent haulers to the world’s largest municipal fleet.

Engineered to last. The DuraPack 5000 features Heil’s DP body, the only fully welded, interlaced subframe in a refuse collection truck. With formed channels for extra strength, high tensile strength steel to maximize performance at a minimum weight, and full welding for superior resistance to corrosion and cracking, the DuraPack 5000 is a sturdy rear loader with the stamina to absorb years of tough hauling.

Outstanding weight distribution. But our engineers still weren’t satisfied. Their search for perfection led them to discover a way to create outstanding weight distribution and reduce wear on rearward chassis components. They incorporated a high cylinder mount into a compact design with a short overhang to maximize forward loading of both the body and the payload.

Easy to operate. The DuraPack 5000 rear loader is as functional as it is durable. Operators around the world appreciate the convenient one-handed manual packing controls that enable them to stop, start, or reverse either the upper panel or the blade at any point in the packing cycle. With a simple two-step cycle that reloads in just 6 to 8 seconds, and a complete cycle time of 16 to 18 seconds, it gets them through their routes quickly.

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DuraPack® 4060

Tough enough to handle the most demanding recycling tasks.

Have you expanded your residential trash collection operations to include multiple commodities? Are you trying to succeed with single-commodity refuse trucks? Why not improve route efficiency and reduce your costs by using the right equipment for the job?

Heil’s DuraPack 4060 split-body rear loader is the ideal vehicle for manually collecting multiple commodities on a single route. It has the compaction power to handle bulky ferrous waste like used appliances and sheet metal scraps, and the sealing ability to handle wet waste like organics or food scraps. Additionally, by outfitting the vehicle with single or dual Bayne premium mobile lifters, you can reduce the stress and strain on personnel who are manually loading the vehicle.

As the industry’s premium multi-compartment rear loader, the DuraPack 4060 split-body rear loader is the next generation of our already popular Formula® 4060 split-body rear loader. By adding the smooth curved sides and the fully welded, interlaced subframe that have become the benchmark of durability for the DuraPack line, this new refuse collection vehicle combines longevity and functionality to deliver maximum performance. With a 40/60 two-compartment body, the DuraPack 4060 features independent hydraulic systems enabling the pressure to be adjusted for each compartment based on the type of waste being collected. For example, a higher compaction rate can be used for the refuse compartment, while a lower compaction rate can be selected for recyclables to minimize breakage.

The DuraPack 4060 split-body rear loader is available in a 20 and 25 cubic yard body size. It boasts a compaction rate of up to 750 pounds per cubic yard, with a 9-10 second reload time, and an overall packing cycle time of 15-17 seconds. Additionally, it comes standard with reliable, fully-sealed electrical controls for operating both tailgates from either side.

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