Astec Concrete Production Equipment is expertly designed, easy to operate and maintain. Astec designs and manufactures reliable concrete plants and we stand behind our plants with the best service and parts support in the construction equipment industry.


Materials are managed with Continuous Blending using weigh bridge scales and variable frequency conveyor drives. Astec Twin Shaft mixers provide mixing intensity and high shearing action to produce uniform, repeatable, consistent concrete which improves the profitability of your projects.


For the ultimate in vertical stationary concrete plants, Astec provides Tower Plants, designed as modular configurations for either dry or wet arrangements. Modular components like aggregate bins, screen decks, discharge chutes, and mixer deck are all universally matched for quick and easy additions or replacements.


Complete three-load plants and four-load plants for PCC, CTB, and RCC are available with working capacities from 80 yd3 up to 350 yd3 for single mixers. Dual mixer arrangements are available.

Continuous Blending

Materials are managed with Continuous Blending using variable drive feeders and metering of cementitious materials into the aggregate flow. These materials are in layers, sealed over by the sand portion of the mix. “Live aggregate” feeding with 30-ton bins; 2-15 bin arrangements are available.

Weigh Bridge

Throughout the rated production range, belt scales with weigh idlers and fully variable speed drives ensure optimum precision. A load cell accurately indicates the weight of the aggregates, while the computer controls adjust for the production rate. Completely accurate speeds for aggregate blending are possible.

Twin-Shaft Mixer

Astec mixers are in-house designed and built to ensure productivity and reliability. Intense shearing action delivers a uniform concrete mix for the shortest mix times allowable. With over 35 years’ experience, Astec builds twin-shaft mixers that you can count on to deliver consistent mix.

Self-Erecting Cement Silo

The silo features a mass flow control system with weight change monitors feeding information into the microprocessor control. Various capacities and pairs are available. Air-bag suspensions give the silo a smooth ride on even the poorest road conditions, and allow the frame to be lowered to act as the foundation on a properly prepared grade.


It's always a question of precision and plant precision is our passion.

Astec makes possible, for the first time, concrete so consistent that the Standard Deviation of compressive strength at 28 days was 107psi. This is what "Calibrated-Concrete™" provides for the contractor and your customer…consistency you can count on. The secret is in the method of using Fractioned Coarse Aggregates instead of conventional sizes which need to be Optimized to reach any manageable gradations—which still vary constantly throughout each project.

Eliminating all this frustration, Astec provides sizing and screening equipment for your stockpiles or, for ‘on-the-fly' processing to specified gradation. This provides aggregate in ‘principal' sizes so you can produce designs that are ‘well-graded' and meet your workability requirements…and are the same, load after load. Using the Astec "Calibrated-Concrete™" Mix Design Tool, available from our Concrete Toolbox (click here), you can adjust the proportions of the fractioned principal sizes to create the exact workability you want. That proportioning is accomplished precisely with 

Continuous Blending.

With Continuous Blending Technology, Astec delivers precise aggregate proportioning, metered in layers which seal in the cementitious materials in a smooth flow of dry materials into the Astec Twin Shaft Mixer. The mixing intensity and high shearing action produces uniform, repeatable, consistent concrete to improve the profitability of your projects.

With accurate and unvarying gradation, cement paste coverage will be more uniform. Uniform coverage allows you to match and maintain the targeted cement-water ratio, while meeting your cost goals. With state-of-the-art control of cements, the cementitious content will be on target and mix strengths will meet expectations. And you can masterfully control your water-cement ratio within ±¼ % with the Astec, proprietary, "Concrete Total Control", CTC3, system from Astec.

All this exacting precision produces Calibrated-Concrete™.

Astec Industries provides portable primary and secondary crushing so you can utilize rubblized or recycled concrete. Astec can provide as many bins as you want on a Continuous Blending plant, so you accommodate additional materials without swapping bins. We also provide an in-line material washing system for unwashed virgin aggregates, even recycling the washing water

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