History of Terex Utilities

Terex Utilities, founded in 1945 with the advent of the groundbreaking Tel-E-lect digger derrick, has been rooted in the growth and maintenance of this nation’s utility infrastructure for well over 60 years. We’ve seen the good times and the bad and through it all, we’ve been there for you. We’ve listened to you when you’ve approached us with problems that you run into during your daily operations and have turned them into workable solutions for you…throughout your good times and your bad times.
Now, as we’re traveling together into the 21st century, we are proud to be a part of the next exciting phase of providing you with state-of-the-art solutions steeped in the tradition of those people that built the power and communication grid…hard-working and inventive.
The history of Terex Utilities can be separated into 3 distinctly different phases; Digger Derrick development, Aerial Device development and business development. 

Digger Derrick Development

The 50’s and 60’s saw three innovations were introduced that are still in use today - the Rite-Way auger storage bracket. PG (pole grabbing) winch, and the hydraulic collector block. With the latter, for the first time digger derricks could rotate continuously and without restriction making them a much more versatile machine. The Telecon (TELelect ECONomy) was introduced which allowed a digger to be mounted on a smaller, lighter and more maneuverable chassis. The Commander I Series digger derrick was developed featuring two innovations that are still used as the standard today, box constructed booms and dual lift cylinders. Also we developed and introduced the first fiberglass third section built to eliminate pin-on third sections. We can’t rest on our laurels however, and we’re continuing to lead innovations today.

Aerial Device Development

The 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s saw us broadening our equipment offerings to include aerial devices. The first was named the “Zip Boom” family and consisted of a telescopic aerial and a articulated aerial. A unique fiberglass boom manufacturing process was developed resulting in the Tele-Glass boom. 1992 was a pretty big advancement for us in the aerial device product category as we added one of the best known names to our family – Hi-Ranger. The name still arouses passion and continues to be used as a model designation for all of our aerial devices today. Right on the heels of that announcement was the introduction of the hydraulic lift which allowed aerial devices to add height to the working envelope without adding additional boom length by elevating the complete aerial device 15’ higher. We’ve since added different configurations and heights which gives our products exceptional flexibility. And, of course, we’re not done!

Business Development

When Terex entered the picture in 1997, we have been heavily involved in developing our business from the ground up. Not only product development but, research, design, safety and our service channels. Today, we operate around the globe and, with the recent purchase of Ritz do Brazil, a manufacturer of a number of utility products, we are properly positioned to help you ever more. With our products, our innovations and our commitment to being right beside you, we look to partner with you into the next century…and beyond!

Welcome to Terex Warranty 

Our knowledgeable, responsive warranty team is here to help make your warranty experience as seamless as possible. You can maximize your equipment's protection to suit your needs. From standard warranties to extended warranties, we can fit you with a plan. However, you hold the key - PLEASE fill out your equipment registration card in the front of your manuals and return it to us.  

Terex Utilities Parts

Whatever Terex® products you operate, from Aerial Devices, Digger Derricks, Cable Placers, or Pressure Diggers, we have the parts to provide the continuing, reliable performance and efficiency of your machine. With fast-track order processing and delivery service, Terex dealer’s can order from a comprehensive parts inventory to help keep your machine working at its best. With 95% of parts shipped within 24 hours, you spend more time digging, loading and hauling with Factory Approved Parts and Attachments.

Multi-site parts hubs strategically located to provide a 24 hour delivery for all major markets, ensuring more of your time is productive time.
A comprehensive dealer network to ensure that you have the right parts available when and where they are needed.
Dedicated parts staff ensuring prompt and professional support with access to factory engineers and product management for specialist advice.
A unique ability to supply all of the replacement parts for your machine whether old or new.

Financial Solutions That Work

Perhaps the only thing more comprehensive than our vast product line is our wide range of effective finance and leasing solutions, structured to complement customers’ cash flow and budgets.

Our team of finance professionals knows the importance of working closely with our customers to understand the unique challenges of their business and their financial goals and requirements. Obtaining financing is often a time consuming task, so we work hard to provide a reliable, flexible and responsive service.

The Terex Financial Services team can help assist in all areas of asset management, from the analysis of future equipment values through the disposition of used equipment.

Terex Financial Servicestm (TFS) is part of the Terex® family, so you’ll work directly with financial professionals who understand your business and can help you get the equipment you need with financial solutions based on your business goals and objectives.

TFP is a one-stop shop for effective financing solutions:

Trade-in and Like-Kind Exchange Programs — we’ll work with you to get you out of your existing equipment and into new Terex equipment
Helping you manage cash flow and conserve working capital
Ownership and lease options
Much, much more
Build the fleet you want with competitive financing rates, as well as special lease and purchase options from Terex Financial Services. It’s a great way to have the equipment you need while managing your cash flow.

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