Asphalt Pavers

VT LeeBoy is the industry leader in self-propelled commercial asphalt pavers. From the entry level 1000F tilt-hopper paver to the innovative 8816B, 8515C and 8510C conveyor pavers, LeeBoy pavers are designed with the paving professional in mind. The LeeBoy 8816B conveyor paver extends that innovation to a track driven 25,000 pound production class paver that is affordable and versatile. All LeeBoy pavers feature the Legend Screed System famous for producing seamless mats up to 15 feet in width. LeeBoy 8500C series pavers feature the durability, reliability and productivity that make them ideal for commercial and mainline paving applications. The LeeBoy Legend Electric Screed system gives contractors the choice between propane fired or economical, efficient electric heating systems.

Motor Grader

LeeBoy motor grader deliver on power, performance and durability. Whether you ‘re building a road, cutting a ditch, site work or fine grading, LeeBoy 685C Motor Grader deliver a versatile workhorse featuring operator comfort, control ease, productivity and trouble-free operation.

Force Feed Loader

LeeBoy’s versatile 3000 Force Feed Loader is a year-round workhorse, picking up snow, soil, milling and other windrowed materials for fast, low-cost material loading. While you may know the force feed loader by its Athey name, LeeBoy has greatly enhanced the loader’s design to excel at continuous high-capacity material loading since purchasing the Athey product in 2001.

Tack Distributors

LeeBoy trailer-mounted asphalt distributors are designed to provide commercial pavers with an efficient and easy to operate unit for tack coating on commercial job sites.

Rollers / Compaction

LeeBoy compaction equipment features the 2.5-ton 400 Vibratory Asphalt Roller and the 2.5-ton, 9-wheel pneumatic 420 Roller. All LeeBoy rollers feature maneuverability, visibility of the work area, ease of operation and safe, comfortable operation.


The 1200 S Asphalt Maintainer/Patcher is a versatile, multi-purpose road maintenance unit. It features a rotary grinder, paving screed, shoulder building attachment and tack tank, all in one easy to use unit. It is ideal for utility cut and pothole repair, roadway shoulder building, paving, road profiling and road widening.

  "Intelligent Solutions For Your Equipment Needs"       

Designed with the paving professional in mind LeeBoy paving and grading equipment can be seen on job sites throughout the world. Since 1964, LeeBoy has designed and manufactured superior commercial asphalt pavers and is the industry leader. The LeeBoy brand is well-known for its quality and innovative design, with the focus on providing value, productivity and reliability. Since the introduction of the first asphalt paver in 1964, the innovative LeeBoy lineup has grown to include motor graders, pneumatic and drum rollers, the multi-purpose asphalt maintainer and most recently, the force feed loader (formerly Athey).

The LeeBoy organization relies on its experienced workforce and its new 219,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the Lincoln County Industrial Park in Lincolnton, North Carolina, to create solutions to paving and grading needs. The 2001 addition of Rosco brand road maintenance equipment with LeeBoy’s dominant position in asphalt paving only strengthened our ability as an organization to meet customer needs on the job site through the broadest product offering in the industry.

In June of 2006, Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. of Alexandria, Virginia, acquired LeeBoy, which now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc.

Our commitment is clear at LeeBoy. We are committed to product quality, customer service, business integrity and providing value to those whom make LeeBoy their choice in road maintenance equipment.




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