Cold milling, Stabilizer and Recycling                                                           Waste Management

Refuse Compactors
21 - 26 t.   

BC 462 RB
BC 472 RB
BC 472 RS

29 - 37 t.  

BC 572 RB-2
BC 672 RB-2
BC 672 RB-3
BC 772 RB-2
BC 772 RB-3
BC 772 RS-2
​BC 772 RS-3

40 - 56 t.

BC 972 RB-3
BC 1172 RB-3 

BOMAG is the world market leader in Compaction Technology and manufactures equipment for the compaction of soil, asphalt and refuse. In addition, state-of-the-art stabilizers/recyclers, cold planers and asphalt paver form part of BOMAG’s wide product range. BOMAG Compaction equipment is used in areas as diverse as landscaping through to road construction and major dam projects. BOMAG also provides special solutions for landfill sites of every size, for recycling damaged asphalt pavements and for soil stabilization. BOMAG is the world leader in the measurement, documentation and control of compaction work during and after the process. BOMAG machines satisfy a wide variety of different requirements with a wide range of equipment options and the worldwide provision of compaction expertise. BOMAG compaction equipment is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and performance.

Quality: this is our ethos

Quality, quality and yet more quality. This is the cornerstone of all BOMAG output and none more so than in manufacturing. Quality awareness and personal responsibility are key elements of BOMAG quality management.

It begins with our employee training programmes – preparing people for personal responsibility – leading to qualification in the skills needed to ensure BOMAG quality objectives.

Total Quality Management (TQM) and the international DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard are further essential components of the BOMAG approach to quality. Added to that are personal performance standards, value analysis and very tough controls on individual component acceptance.

Superior reliability on site: the payback on investment in people and quality.

New and Second Hand Machines and Service 

Directly from the Manufacturer
Compaction equipment from BOMAG is used in areas as diverse as horticulture and landscaping to the entire range of road construction and heavy dam construction. Furthermore, BOMAG provides special solutions for use on landfill sites of all sizes, as well as for recycling damaged asphalt pavement, and for soil stabilization.

BOMAG is the world leader in measuring, documentation and control of compaction work during the compaction process, as well as after. BOMAG machines fulfill a wide variety of different requirements by way of the many available equipment variations and the worldwide employment of compaction experts.

     BOMAG statistics:
     •Founded in 1957
     •2,200 employees world-wide
     •20 product groups, various options
     •6 branches in Germany
     •11 foreign subsidiaries
     •500 dealers in over 120 countries world-wide

BOMAG Spare Parts

The BOMAG Spare Parts Service
Satisfied customers are the basis of our success – that’s why the BOMAG Spare Parts Service is at hand when you need us. You as our customer rightly demand a great deal of our Spare Parts Service.:

Fast parts supply and rapid delivery, distinct technical clearance and excellent availability of our service staff.

BOMAG Community your forum for exchange of ideas and knowledge

Are you happy with your BOMAG? Want to know where your machine can be used to best effect? This is the place to post all your questions and comments.

BOMAG users, the people who work with our machines every day, can offer valuable ideas and suggestions of interest to other users. So please join us on this online user forum with your questions or comments. These Community pages are where you can find your answers! 

We look forward to your posts on our BOMAG community pages.

Fayat, an independent family group, France’s 4th leading company in building and public works, is organised around six core businesses: building and public works, steelworks, electricity, electronics and IT, road equipment, material handling and hoisting equipment and finally pressure vessels.  
Founded in 1957, the group recorded a turnover in 2011 of 3.17 billion euros with over 18.000 employees and 118 subsidiaries. 
With Fayat's road equipment division Fayat will be joining the select circle of the major international players in road construction. Because of BOMAG - the world leader in compaction together with paving and recycling products - Fayat rounds out its offering of road equipment, as a true full-liner actively involved in all the stages of the road life cycle from construction, through maintenance to recycling.

Are you a competitive manufacturer of high-quality products and wish to become a business partner to BOMAG?

As an international enterprise with production facilities in the USA, China and Germany the purchasing teams at the BOMAG Group always seek long-term relations with suppliers to jointly achieve optimum standards of efficiency and quality. BOMAG sets ambitious goals which fully satisfy and even exceed its customer expectations.

"To be the best" is the expression of BOMAG's philosophy and the watchword for every employee, in every market and location. Discerning users on construction sites all over the world will say: "It's good to know... it's a BOMAG!"

​Current News
•BOMAG strengthens its position in America
BOMAG has purchased the TEREX product lines in North America and the Brazilian road construction ...
•BOMAG at bauma 2013: 
◦Non-stop innovation
◦Light tandem rollers with BOMAG ECONOMIZER
◦Looking to the future – BOMAG advances cold milling machine performance
◦New plates - specifically for paving
◦TanGO at BOMAG: tandem rollers with tangential oscillation
◦Service: more quality, more service
◦New Products. New Technology. Across the product range
◦World première of the new tamper generation
◦New design for reversible plates
◦Presentation of the next generation of articulated tandem rollers
◦World première: new BF 900 C finisher with 13 metre screed and BF 300 C now with 5 metre screed
◦BOMAG presents the new generation single drum rollers
◦World première of the new MPH 600
◦New Additive Spreader – BS 16000 PROFI series lorry-mounted with metering computer
◦BOMAG TELEMATIC POWER with error code transmission and automatic data transfer to customer software 

Asphalt Construction

Light Articulated
Steered Tandem Rollers > 1,8 t. 

BW 80 AD-5
  BW 90 AD-5
BW 100 ADM-5
BW 90 SC-5
BW 100 SC-5
BW 100 ACM-5
BW 100 SCC-5

Light Articulated
Steered Tandem Rollers  1,8 - 3,0 t. 

BW 100 AD-5 
BW 120 AD-5
BW 100 AC-5
BW 120 AC-5

Light Articulated
Steered Tandem Rollers  3,0 - 5,0 t. 

BW 135 AD-5
BW 138 AD-5
BW 138 AC-5

Heavy Articulated
Steered Tandem Rollers  6,5 - 8,0 t. (Series 5) 

BW 141 AD-5
BW 141 AD-50
BW 151 AD-5
BW 154 AD-5
BW 151 AC-5
BW 151 AD-5 AM 2

Heavy Articulated
Steered Tandem Rollers 8,0 - 13,0 t. 

BW 141 AD-4
BW 151 AD-4
BW 154 AD-4
BW 151 AC-4
BW 161 AC-4
BW 151 AC-4 AM
BW 161 AD-4
BW 161 ADO-4
BW 161 AD-40
BW 141 AD-4 AM 2
BW 151 AD-4 AM 2
BW 154 AD-4 AM 2
BW 190 AD-4
BW 190 AD-4 AM 2
BW 202 AD-4
BW 203 AD-4
BW 203 AD-4 AM 

Pivot Steered TandemRollers 5,0 - 11,3 t. 

BW 154 AP-4
BW 154 AP-4 AM 2
BW 154 ACP-4
BW 154 ACP-4 AM 2
BW 174 AP-4
BW 174 AP-4 AM 2

Pneumatic Tyred Rollers 

BW 24 RH
BW 25 RH
BW 27 RH
BW 27 RH-4i

Asphalt Paver

BF 223 C
BF 300 C
BF 300 P
BF 600 C
BF 600 P
BF 800 C
BF 800 P
BF 800 C - Soil 
BF 900 C

Soil Compaction

Single Drum Rollers
3,0 - 4,0 t. 

BW 124 DH-3
BW 124 PDH-3

Single Drum Rollers
4,0 - 8,0 t.

BW 145 DH-3
BW 145 PDH-3
BW 145 D-5
BW 177 D-5
BW 177 DH-4
BW 177 PDH-4 

Single Drum Rollers
9,0 - 15,0 t. (Series 4) 

BW 179 DH-4
BW 179 PDH-4
BW 211 D-4
BW 211 PD-4
BW 213 D-4
BW 213 DH-4
BW 213 DH-4/P
BW 213 PDH-4
BW 214 D-4
BW 214 DH-4
BW 214 PDH-4

Single Drum Rollers
16,0 - 26,0 t.(Series 4) 

BW 216 D-4
BW 216 PD-4
BW 216 DH-4
BW 216 PDH-4
BW 219 D-4
BW 219 PD-4
BW 219 DH-4
BW 219 PDH-4
BW 226 DH-4
BW 226 PDH-4

Single Drum Rollers

BW 177 DH-4 BVC
BW 213 DH-4 BVC
BW 226 DH-4 BVC

Single Drum Rollers
With Polygonal Drum (DI)

BW 213 DI-4 BVC
BW 226 DI-4 BVC

Single Drum Rollers
With Rock Crushing Drum

BW 226 RC-4 BVC

Single Drum Rollers
With Vibratory Plates

BW 213 DH-4 BVC with Vibratory Plates

Single Drum Rollers
10 to 15 tons (Series 40)

BW 211 D-40
BW 211 PD-40
BW 212 D-40
BW 212 PD-40
BW 213 D-40
BW 213 PD-40
BW 216 D-40
BW 216 PD-40
BW 218 D-40

Soil Compactors

BC 462 EB
BC 772 EB-2

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