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AM GENERAL Parts & Logistics

A F Ohab Company is a parts and rebuild distributor of AM General vehicles. We offer a variety of programs to rebuild and replace parts and major components for HMMWV vehicles. From the facilitation of rebuilding and refurbishing lines to parts supply, we have the capabilities to provide all of your AM General needs. Whether it is a state owned company or government ministry we can set up a program that meets all of your AM General vehicle requirements Please contact us at info@afohab.com for additional information.

AM General's SPLO division provides the U.S. Military and friendly foreign nations a myriad of services such as hands-on equipment training, all levels of driver training instruction, in-country and out-of-country field service support and award-winning supply chain management. In addition, the SPLO division is the only distributor of genuine HUMVEE parts. Genuine HUMVEE parts ensure a precision fit every time with unsurpassed durability.

Integrated Logistics Support

AM General's Integrated Logistics Support Team provides global support for optimizing total life cycle performance. Areas of expertise include all elements of ILS — maintenance planning, manpower, personnel and human factors, military packaging, interactive technical manuals with Class V diagnostics, spare/repair-parts provisioning, new equipment fielding support, and training and design interface and integration. All facets of ILS are currently being used to support the HMMWV family of vehicles, medium and heavy tactical trucks, bridging equipment, mine-detection vehicles and petroleum and water supply systems, to name a few.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Management provides purchasing and business expertise in support of AM General strategic objectives, and in accordance with our policies and procedures. We solicit, train and develop ethical acquisition professionals who are committed to continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and mutually beneficial relationships. In doing this we contribute to our success by identifying, selecting and developing business relationships that provide products and services at the lowest total cost.

System Technical Support

Over the last 40 years, AM General has been awarded a multitude of engineering contracts from both the U.S. Government and private industry alike. From the original M151 Jeep to the Abrams Main Battle Tank, AM General’s STS team has demonstrated their ability to support virtually any system. A full-service company, AM General has the expertise to provide engineering design concept and stress analysis, to prototype build, through production and legacy support. Whether it is training, service, supply chain management, integrated logistics support or systems technical support, AM General provides global solutions for global support.

AM General's warehouse supports an inventory of over 30,000 part numbers and an on-hand inventory of over 15,000 parts. Our dedicated facilities include an administrative center for order processing and a 300,000-square-foot warehouse.

Our full-time Customer Service Department is designed to respond quickly to customer needs. The friendly, courteous staff stands ready with the help needed to fill your order immediately, usually within 24 hours. Technicians and instructors are also available to answer HMMWV technical and parts-related questions.

Our Field Service Representatives (FSR) are the customer's direct link to AM General. They provide up-to-date technical expertise and hands-on training to customers all over the world. These FSRs have years of service at AM General, and many have active military automotive maintenance and training experience.

AM General's training program helps improve vehicle performance and extends the vehicle's service life. Plus, it helps customers know and operate our vehicles to their fullest potential. Most training is conducted at our training facility in South Bend, however we also provide training at customer locations around the world.

HMMWV 3-D Simulator

Welcome to AM General's newest addition to 21st century training, the HMMWV Interactive Combat Operations 3-D Simulator (HICOS). AM General's Military Training Department, in cooperation with a leading military simulation company, has produced an immersive 3-D training environment specific to the HMMWV.

Through AM General's military training staff, we discovered a need for a cost effective, yet realistic HMMWV combat operations trainer. The challenge was to develop a scenario based 3-D simulator that would incorporate lessons learned from any theater of operation our military men and women may encounter. Also, scenarios needed to be developed to suit any type of battlefield environment to include urban, rural, desert, etc. With these training criteria in mind, the HICOS 3-D simulator was developed. The flexibility and scalability of the HICOS 3-D system is outstanding. Here are but a few of the system's capabilities:

  • Design scenarios based on lessons learned
  • Simulate any battlefield environment
  • Replicate all weather conditions
  • Day or night operations
  • Convoy operations
  • Train visual identification of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and avoidance techniques
  • Use of replica M-16, M-240 and M-9 laser BEAM HIT® technology to engage and eliminate simulated combatants
  • Injection of non-combatants into simulation environment
  • Force feedback vehicle controls to simulate vehicle combat damage
  • Immersive audio creates battlefield and vehicle realism
  • Combatant weapon systems simulation including RPG and AK-47
  • 360° 3-D immersion for realistic visual effects
  • Add additional HMMWV training pods to support platoon or larger element movements

MILITARY Training Department Staff

AM General's Military Training Department was formed in the mid 1970s to train U.S. and friendly foreign military forces to operate and maintain vehicles manufactured by AM General. Current vehicle support includes the M44 series 2-1/2 ton truck, the M809 series 5-ton truck and the M998 HMMWV.

AM General's Training Department can conduct highly professional training programs at all military skill (echelon) levels at our training center in Mishawaka, Ind. or at locations around the world.

​TRAINING Benefits

  • Improved readiness rate
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Longer vehicle life
  • Longer component life
  • Improved morale
  • Improved force protection
  • Reduced repair turnaround time
  • Improved quality assurance
  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Increased unit training time


AM General's training staff can tailor a training program for specialized equipment at our facility or the customer's facilities. Our programs are dynamic, hands-on and designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the individual customer. Some of these programs include:

Specialized Training

  • Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Testing and Repair
  • Starter/Alternator - Testing, Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Air Conditioning - Testing and Repair
  • Use of Electronic Test Equipment for Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Mobility Training
  • Driving in Unusual Conditions
  • Introduction to Vehicle Systems
  • 6.5L Engine Construction and Operation
  • Introduction to the 4L80E Transmission
  • Using the Tech 1 to Diagnose the 4L80E
  • Troubleshooting the 4L80E Transmission
  • How to Use Technical Manuals

AM General Can Provide

  • Special Tools
  • Repair Parts
  • Technical Manuals
  • Cut-away Training Aids
  • Vehicle Operator Wall Charts
  • Maintenance Training Wall Charts




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